NuaDHA Vision (30perlas DHA + 30caps)
Al comprar este producto puedes obtener 60.04 puntos de fidelidad

NuaDHA® Vision (30 DHA pearls + 30 capsules)

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  • Neuronua® is a food supplement designed to support cognitive health in adults and to preserve brain wellness.
  • With vitamin D, group B vitamins, selenium and 4 botanical extracts (bacopa, rhodiola, ginseng and salvia).
  • Ideal for cognitive maintenance, emotional balance, sleep quality and tolerance to stress.
  • Combined with NuaDHA® 1000 (or NuaDHA® 400), it offers a synergy and enhances the set of beneficial effects described. 
  • Biodegradable container (60 capsules). 
  • Suitable for vegans.
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Al comprar este producto puedes obtener 60.04 puntos de fidelidad
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Neuronua® is aimed at people, especially adults, who present some age-related cognitive impairment (e.g. memory, attention and/or learning disabilities). These types of situations can affect tolerance towards stressful situations, mood balance, and even the quality of sleep.

Equally interesting for healthy adults who wish to preserve and reinforce their cognitive functions.

Indications and Instructions for use

2 daily capsules, distributed between breakfast and lunch. 

Some recommended uses for this format are:

  • Support for cognitive health in adulthood (e.g. memory and learning ability). In this case, the effects of Neuronua® will be reinforced with an additional daily intake of NuaDHA®. You can choose to take 1 NuaDHA®1000 or 1 NuaDHA® 400, daily with food.
  • Cognitive nutritional support for adults.

The combination of nutrients offered by this product can contribute to brain well-being, as well as nutrition and protection against possible neurodegenerative diseases.


Specific References


La dosis diaria recomendada de 1 perla del Preparado A y otro del Preparado B, es especialmente recomendable en personas que por su edad o circunstancias, presentan claramente algún tipo de alteración a nivel visual.

En el caso de personas sanas, que en principio no presentan un problema visual y que desde la prevención, desean invertir en el cuidado de su sistema visual, es posible alternar la toma de ambos preparados en distintos días (esto es, un día el Preparado A y otro el B y así sucesivamente; dicho esto, si se desea, se puede seguir tomando igualmente ambos preparados diariamente).


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