NuaDHA® 400 (90 pearls)

NuaDHA® 400 (90 pearls)

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  • NuaDHA®400 = 460mg of omega-3 per softgel, of which 400 mg are DHA
  • Maximum purity: >90% omega-3 per softgel
  • With natural vitamin E, without soy
  • Wild fish (anchovy) from sustainable fishing and eco-sustainable purification and extraction process
  • No fishy after-taste
  • Biodegradable containers (90 softgels)
  • IFOS 5-star quality seal (free of heavy metals, etc.)
  • DHA is a fatty acid with recognized cognitive, visual and cardiovascular benefits.
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Obtén puntos de fidelidad en cada compra: 1€ = 1 punto
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1 question about the product

One pearl of NuaDHA®400 contains approximately 90% omega-3, of which more than 85% is DHA (docosahexaenoic acids).

The product contains smaller softgels. This format is ideal for people who have swallowing problems. 1 softgel a day covers the nutritional needs of Omega-3 established by the WHO, and if dosage is increased, in addition to covering the nutritional needs, it will be able to display added health benefits that would not be achieved with a lower dose.

According to EFSA*, DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function.

DHA accounts for 30-35% of brain unsaturated fat, making it a key nutrient for building the brain during pregnancy, and the first years of a baby’s life. 

What are the key benefits associated to DHA?

  • Without a doubt, DHA is very important in supporting concentration and memory in childhood, as well as in adulthood. Taking it regularly will help you support cognitive function, improve attention span and processing speed, in additional to helping modulate mood.
  • According to EFSA*, DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal visual function. More than 50% of the fat in the macula** is DHA. Therefore, it is a fundamental nutrient in children’s visual development, as well as a support against various visual alterations in adulthood.
  • Given its abundance in sperm, DHA is very important for male fertility since an effective supply undoubtedly contributes to strengthening the structure of the sperm. This aspect is of great relevance if we take into account that more than 50% of infertility problems in couples are due to men.
  • At a cardiovascular level, according to EFSA*, DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal triglyceride levels (minimum 2000mg daily dose) as well as normal blood pressure (3000mg daily dose combined with EPA).

**Macula: central area of the retina, responsible for clear and defined vision.

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Indications and Instructions for use

1-2 daily softgels, always with food.

Some recommended uses for this format are:

  • Nutritional dose of DHA for teenagers and adults interested in nourishing, especially, the visual and cognitive area. Take 1 softgel /day for 5-7 days/week.
  • DHA reinforcement for pregnant women, take 1 softgel /day during 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy, and 2 softgels/day during the 3rd one, where the DHA demands increase significantly. This preparation can be taken at the same time as a prenatal multivitamin preparation that may contain some DHA (typically little e.g. 90-200mg).

Note: European authorities have established that pregnant women can take up to 1000mg/day of omega-3 with complete safety for the mother and fetus. DHA is an essential nutrient for the construction of the brain and the visual system, hence the importance of guaranteeing its intake during pregnancy and after childbirth.


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La toma de NuaDHA se hará preferiblemente con comida.

Embarazo & Lactancia 1/dia o 5/semana (*)  hasta 2/día en el último trimestre
Niños (0-1 año)  -
Niños (1-3 años) -
Niños (3-9 años) 1/ días o 5/semana ( sólo si sabe tragar)
De 9 años+ y adultos 2-3/día

(*)en bebés o niños pequeños, se cortará la punta de la perla de NuaDHA1000  y se vaciará su contenido en un biberón, papilla, puré o similar; el NuaDHA500 no se dará antes de los 3 años  para evitar atragantamientos (para su toma es preciso saber tomar caramelos o similares)



Hola! Por lo que veo en las composiciones de otras marcas, lo que se vende como "Omega 3" suele ser una mezcla de DHA y EPA, pero Nua los comercializa de manera separada. Sería correcto tomar una pastilla diaria de Nua DHA 400 y otra de Nua EPA 450? Muchas gracias


Buenos días,

Efectivamente, normalmente, en el mercado de Omega-3, podrá encontrar que hay empresas que vendan en una misma perla el DHA y el EPA conjunto. Sin embargo, en Nua decidimos separarlo para obtener la máxima concentración de cada acido graso por separado, y obtener los máximos resultados de cada uno de ellos. El DHA concentra sus bondades "de cuello para arriba" (ej. sistema visual y cerebral) y el EPA concentra sus bondades "de cuello para abajo" (ej. sistema cardiovascular, osteomuscular-articular e inflamación). Puede tomar el omega-3, bien de una manera nutricional como complemento a su dieta, para ello podríamos recomendar una perla de NuaEPA450 y una perla de NuaDHA400. Sin embargo, si tuviese alguna necesidad fisiológica especifica, sería mejor tomar una perla de NuaEPA1200 y/o una perla de NuaDHA1000, según sea la problemática que desea abordar.

Cualquier otra cosa, no dude en contactarnos.

Marina on 05/26/2024 15:45:37

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