Reishinua Bebible (20 sobres)

Reishinua® Bebible (15 vials)

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  • Reishinua® (vials) provides a nutritional reinforcement of the respiratory system in viral respiratory disorders (e.g. bronchiolitis, bronchitis, pneumonia).
  • Nutritional support in case of upper tract allergies (allergic rhinitis) and lower tracts (e.g. allergic asthma), especially in young children. In adults, take it combines with Reishinua® (capsules).
  • Ideal for children (from 6 months), teenagers and adults.
  • Case containing 15 drinkable vials with a screw cap.
  • Suitable for vegans.
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Obtén puntos de fidelidad en cada compra: 1€ = 1 punto
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In the case of Reishinua® (vials), the selected reishi extract contains components especially intended to support the respiratory system. This extract is accompanied by other dry extracts (ES) of Iceland Lichen (Cetraria islandica), Perilla (Perilla frutescens) and Elderberry (Sambucus nigra). In addition, it contains freeze-dried royal jelly (with 6% HDA), Propolis (with 10% galangin) as well as zinc, iron, vitamin D and beta-carotene.

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Note: A dry extract is the highest potency form in which a plant extract can be presented

Indications and Instructions for use

1 vial every other day (6 months to 1 year), 1 vial per day (>1 year), 1-2 vials per day (>3 years, teenagers and adults).

Take before a meal (alone or mixed with a little water/juice). After 1-2 weeks with 1 vial daily, it is possible to switch to maintenance doses by taking 1 vial every other day.

Some recommended uses for this format are:

  • Babies under 1 year of age with frequent respiratory relapses (e.g. bronchiolitis, bronchitis, etc.) where the aim is to provide nutrients that strengthen the respiratory system.
  • Daycare children who present frequent respiratory relapses. It is common for young children who go to daycare to have a special tendency to be infected with all types of respiratory viruses that repeatedly cause endless respiratory problems such as otitis, colds, bronchitis, etc. In order to get out of that spiral of snot, etc. A nutritional contribution such as Reishinua® (vials) will help reduce the frequency and intensity of respiratory relapses.

At the slightest sign that a child may be about to have a respiratory relapse, start taking Reishinua® (vials), and not wait to see if it falls or not. It is very important to get ahead at the slightest sign of respiratory symptoms.

  • Children with a tendency to suffer from lower airway (e.g. allergic asthma) and/or upper airway (e.g. allergic rhinitis) allergic problems. In both cases, taking Reishinua® (vials) is compatible with taking allergy drugs (e.g. antihistamines, corticosteroids, etc.).
  • Children, teenagers or adults of any age who want an additional supply of nutrients that strengthen their respiratory system.

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Dosis de reishi para niños:

+ 6 meses-1 año = 1 sobre/día

+ 1-3 años = 1-2 sobre/día

+ 3-9 años = 1-3 sobre/día

Tomar directamente o bien disolver en biberón, zumos, infusiones etc.  Agitar antes de usar.


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